I am a 42 year old woman who has battled skin issues in the form of acne for most of my life, considering the oily texture of my skin. The blemishes that remain with me even after the acne r gone, are also something that i have been trying to find a cure to, but it seemed like a never ending search until i started using the Aloe Vera face wash and Aloe Vera gel by Jaivik Living. At first, I was a bit skeptical prior to using this product. Throughout this journey with my skin, I have used numerous brands, known and lesser-known products without any viable results. Once I began to use this product consistently, I saw a noticeable difference in about one week. My skin looked more radiant and supple. The dark spots and blemishes began to fade away. The texture of my skin has improved dramatically ever since!

Another product that i have made my permanent companion is the Onion Herbal hair oil. My hair has never looked so healthy and volumous. Being naturally silky and straight, i thought my hair was perfect, except the volume. This hair oil has brought an inner strength to my hair, reducing hairfall, adding a natural shine and giving it a natural volume.
With results like this, I believe my search is over!

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